JK-Four IFB Phone Bridge (Discontinued)

$1,244 + GST

Four IFB is a four position analog telephone line interface. 

This road tough product is designed to provide flexible listen-only IFB for television field production use. Each IFB output, and the monitor input / output jacks, may be separately connected to one of the four analog phone lines. A telephone handset may also be connected for communication with the Monitor phone line. 




JK-Remote MixC+ (Discontinued)

$450 + GST

The RemoteMix C+ is a combined audio mixer, headphone amplifier and telephone hybrid in one. 

It’s perfect for remote broadcasts, sporting events, and field reporting from any location.




RE50 Microphone 

 $198 + GST

Electro Voice RE50 Microphone. Ideally suited for handheld broadcast and sound reinforcement applications.




RE20 Microphone 

$500 + GST

A broadcast industry standard, the Electro-Voice RE20 is a cardioid dynamic microphone that delivers reliable, low-noise performance with exceptional clarity and definition.




635A Microphone

 $165 + GST

The Electrovoice 635A world's most popular ENG microphone! 

The 635A has an omnidirectional polar pattern that prevents the user from sounding "off mic" and practically eliminates plosives and other proximity effects thanks to it's built in shock mount and pop filter.



Sonifex SP1 Digital Splitter and Combiner

$870 + GST

The RB-SP1 digital splitter & combiner is used to interface various double sampling pieces of equipment.

Some older equipment uses 2 AES/EBU connectors for double sampling with each connector carrying an audio signal at a normal frame rate, whilst other equipment has a single connector using twice the frame rate.

Sonifex PD2 Stereo Profanity Delay

$2,975 + GST

The RB-PD2 is a stereo audio profanity delay used for live broadcast programs to prevent unwanted or obscene material from being transmitted.

It features an automatic audio stretch algorithm that allows between 2 and 55 (*) seconds of delay to be built up live whilst “on air”, whilst maintaining the correct pitch. The delay can also be acquired whilst playing a pre-selected audio file on a Compact Flash™ memory card. When the program is complete, the audio stretch algorithm seamlessly reduces the delay to zero.



Sonifex UL1 Single Stereo Unbalanced to Balanced Converter

$460 + GST

The RB-UL1 is a single stereo unit for interfacing domestic or semi-professional unbalanced equipment, such as a CD player, to professional balanced line levels.

The two RCA unbalanced inputs have an impedance of 10kΩ and are routed to two balanced XLR-3 outputs with an output impedance of <50Ω.



Sonifex SM1 Single Stereo to Mono Converter

$505 + GST

The RB-SM1 converts a stereo input to a fully buffered and balanced mono line output, e.g. to supply cue in broadcast environments or to feed a mono PA system.

The connections, which are on the rear panel, are of an XLR-3 type. The input is electronically balanced with an impedance of 20kΩ bridging. This can be wired unbalanced to accept an output from domestic equipment.



Second Hand Prima ISDN Codecs (Discontinued)

Second hand Prima unit with spare parts.
*Cash Sale, No Support.
1 x Prima 120 with TA201.
    Spare parts include : 1 x Power supply, 1 x A/D Board, 1 x D/A Board, 1 x Fan, 1 x LED Board,1 x Keypad.
                                      Price $1,370 + GST.
1 x Prima 120 with TA201.
                                      Price $1,200 + GST.