The 'CUBE'.

7cm Cube speaker for discrete and powerful audio

Sensitivity 85db

Watts RMS 20

Watts peak 40

DC resistance 4 ohms

Directivity conical 70x70 deg

Freq response 100-20khz

Dimensions 71 x 71 x 71mm

Weight 250Grams

Mounting M6 x 1mm thread pitch

Water resistance IP63

Finish Dulux Duramax

Timber Finish Birch sustainably grown

Inputs Phoenix contact with throughput

Hand made in Melbourne

Mounting bracket : Wall swivel, brass

Mounting bracket : V mount

 Sub / Amplifier custom built for Cube's

25 x 35 x 35cm

 The 'Cone of Sound'

 80cm Audio Localizer

Sensitivity 82db

Power Handling 80 watts max

DC Resistance 12 ohms

Stereo Input, can be bridged into Mono Input

Phoenix connector

Include LED drop lighting into the 'Cone of Sound'

Perfect for café / restaurant booth seating

Add a blue tooth amp for seated groups to stream their own music

Localized audio and lighting in one unit!

Include a Gilderfluke SD25 audio player and motion sensor

When the sensor triggers, the light turns on and localized audio plays back

The perfect Automated Information Point