Zoned and Spotlight Audio

Holosonic Audio Spotlight


     A different approach to audio delivery the ultrasonic speaker is perceived by the ear in a unique way, and sounds like a private message beamed directly to you. Great for spoken word messages, sound effects and jingles.


Application Examples :

  • Marketing Campaigns

  • Galleries & Museums

  • Information Centres

  • Libraryís

  • Event Promotions

    Browns Innovations Domes


        Parabolic domes offer focused audio with minimal spill over, providing individual or group huddle space audio.


    Application Examples :

    • Boutique Stores
    • Workstations : News production & Editing
    • Information Centres
    • Galleries & Museums
    • Huddle Areaís

      Pragmatic Line Array

      SB-47 & PHA8

         Line array speakers provide zoned audio in large areas, containing audio focus and clarity without disturbing patrons outside the zone.


      Application Examples :

          • Sports Bars  

          • Casinos  

          • Restaurants

          • Waiting Areas : Hospitals, Airports etc.

          • Supermarkets

          • Digital Signage

          Installation Considerations

          Audio reflections will need to be accounted for, with consideration to size of the space and surface materials like stone, wood, carpet, etc.

          When setting up audio zones and audio spotlights remember that the more ambient noise, the more effective audio isolation is delivered. For example, a small quiet room with a marble floor will reflect and echo any audio delivered, making directional or spotlight audio difficult to achieve. Whereas within a large carpeted casino with an abundance of ambient noises present, installing contained and zoned audio is easy and effective.


            Digital Signage

            The challenges of combining sound with digital signage are well-known to both AV professionals and end-users alike - noisy environments, privacy issues and focusing your audio so that it doesnít collide with other audio or disturb other people. How many times do we see expensive and elaborate video walls, or LED monitors in retail outlets and waiting rooms where the sound is turned off? Your digital signage delivers a targeted message, but if you donít have targeted sound to capture your viewer and convey that message, they may be missing out on half the picture. So how do we complete the picture?


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