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Hand Crafted Sound

The 'EROS' Cube.

7cm Cube speaker for discrete and powerful audio

Developed over many years by one of Australia's leading acoustic engineers,

the Alderwood 'Eros' is the most powerful cube speaker for their size in the

world thanks to our proprietary technologies.

Incorporating cutting edge Constant Throw Technology, the Eros provides

unparalleled vocal realism and projection, allowing a small speaker to more

evenly cover large areas and maintain even sound levels.

Capable of up to 103dB at 1 meter max without high pass, higher levels can be

achieved with the use of high pass filters or bass cut settings.

Seamless blending. Whether placed 10 meters apart or only 2 meters, the cubes

will blend and create a seamless cohesive sound wave.

High resolution sound. Rapid transient response allows for every acoustic detail

to be revealed.

Sensitivity 87db

Watts RMS 20

Watts peak 40

DC protection

Directivity conical 100 deg

Freq response 100hz -20khz

Dimensions 7 x 7 x 7cm

Weight 250Grams

Mounting M6 x 1mm thread pitch

Water resistance IP63 : Eros

 Water resistance IP66 : Eros Marine

 Instrument Grade Birch Timber

Inputs Phoenix contact with throughput

Hand made in Melbourne


Mounting bracket (Included with Eros) : Wall swivel, brass

Duel Mounting bracket : V mount

2.1 System : "SIRIUS" 8 INCH SUB + 2 Cubes

The 'Sirius' Subwoofer has integrated outputs to power 2 Cubes.

A great system for a wide variety of applications where an average venue

music level of 95dB is required.

In built limiting to protect from being overdriven.

Accepts signal from RCA and 3.5mm Inputs.

8 Inch driver

Frequency range 30 - 240hz

Selectable 3dB bass boost at 60hz

Dimensions 22 x 35 x 35cm

Weight 8kg

18mm Birch Ply

In Built Limiter

Auto on/off selectable

Standby power 0.4w


The 'Cyclops' offers incredible punch combined with a low frequency

extension reaching right down to 25hz without any equalization.

Features 16 mounting points allowing for wall, roof, under seat or floor

mounting. All this in a footprint that seems impossibly small for such

a powerful subwoofer.

Wherever you choose to mount the sub it can be used in a

surface loading configuration, which boosts lower frequencies, or with

the driver facing outward for more punch.

350watts RMS

8 Ohms


16 Threaded Mounting Points

Frequency Range 25-250hz

Dimensions 12 x 34 x 34cm

Weight 10kg

Max SPL 110db

Sensitivity 85db

18mm Birch Ply

Marine Alloy Grill


A high power 8 inch subwoofer with excellent sonic fidelity and rapid

response makes the 'Atlas' fantastic for reproducing details that are

often missed by larger subwoofers.

Capable of filling large areas with rich smooth bass, this discreetly sized

subwoofer is packed with features that make this sub the go to for a wide

range of pro audio applications.

A wide range of features adjusted through our simple LCD screen

interface. Such as built in adjustable delay allowing for quick time

alignment to other speakers. Pass through for connecting with more

subwoofers or amplifiers, with the added ability to set high-pass /

bass-cut filters at different frequencies and different slopes to suit

installations where this may be needed.

The 'Atlas' also allows you to adjust phase and crossover points

including slope, to ensure you can match the subwoofer perfectly to

the rest of your audio system.

Frequency range 30-110hz

Up to 109db output

DSP room correction

Rapid transient response

Tight punchy bass

Dimensions 22 x 35 x 35cm

Weight 12kg

18mm Birch Ply

Auto On/Off

Built In Limiter

On board adjustments

Lowpass frequency and slope

Parametric EQ

High-pass output to other speakers

High-pass delay

Phase in 1 degree increments

Subsonic filter and slope

Multiple preset save/load slots


The smallest in the Alderwood active PA range, the 'Pegasus' is

a great demonstration of the power in the 'Eros' cube. The clarity

as a vocal PA is uncanny. Try the system out with your favourite

microphone and you'll hear the clarity.

In use as a PA there is zero feedback. Perfect for lectern presentations

and rooms with difficult acoustics.

Ultra smooth sound that requires no EQ, with a wide coverage

and long throw.

Features XLR left and right, RCA and AES digital inputs.

Frequency range 35-20kHz

Power 250 Watts

8 Inch high power transmission line subwoofer

Bang and Olfsen Ice power module

106db continuous output

Weight 14kg

Boom pole extension 2.6m

Studio monitor grade sounds at high levels

Wide constant directivity coverage

Exceptional throw

Only loses 3db over 30 meters

Vocal clarity unpresented

No EQ required and virtually no feedback


The 'Cone of Sound'

 80cm Audio Localizer

Sensitivity 82db

Power Handling 80 watts max

DC Resistance 12 ohms

Stereo Input, can be bridged into Mono Input

Phoenix connector

Include LED drop lighting into the 'Cone of Sound'

Perfect for café / restaurant booth seating

Add a blue tooth amp for seated groups to stream their own music

Localized audio and lighting in one unit!

Include a Gilderfluke SD25 audio player and motion sensor

When the sensor triggers, the light turns on and localized audio plays back

The perfect Automated Information Point

Alderwood PDFs

Eros freq response.pdf 2.4MB


Eros spec sheet.pdf 1.2MB


Euros V bracket.pdf 3.0MB

6 Array



Atlus spec sheet.pdf 1.4MB


Cyclops spec sheet.pdf 1.5MB


Pegasus spec sheet.pdf 1.6MB