Alcorn McBride 8400

$2,000 + GST

Compact Flash high definition video player with Ethernet and GPS.

The Digital Video Machine HD is a compact high definition video player thatís rugged enough for the most demanding applications. It also offers very flexible control capabilities, a wealth of interface options, and supports a wide variety of video encoding standards.



 Holosonic 18' Audio Spotlight Speaker (Discontinued)

           $990 + GST

 The Audio Spotlight uses a beam of ultrasound as a "virtual acoustic source", enabling unprecedented control of sound distribution.





EAV 4 Channel Audio Reproducer with Select Box

The AM-4 Digital Audio Machine fits almost anywhere, from dashboard to rack, and even works in high vibration environments such as roller coasters! Included with the four button select box for easy playback from the AM4 Compact Flash card.

AM4 Web Link: http://www.alcorn.com/products/dam/specs.html