Radio is the “core business” of Sierra Automated Systems. Since 1988, radio broadcasters have relied upon Sierra Automated Systems for mission-critical routing. And now, SAS radio broadcast control surfaces set the standard and are used to drive many of the country’s leading radio facilities.


For years, Sierra Automated Systems was known as "the router company." When the 32KD Digital Audio Network Router/Mixer was introduced, the  path was laid to provide complete radio solutions. Sierra Automated Systems spent hundreds of hours meeting with clients—networks, major market and smaller stations, traffic and news providers—to engineer the digital future.

The result was Rubicon which established SAS as the industry's most user-friendly yet powerful integrated system of console surfaces, routing, intercom, and control.

The Sierra Automated Systems family of consoles continues to evolve as the Rubicon console family expands. SAS now offers 4 console types with the features and capabilities all derived from field experience of the users, those "wouldn't it be nice if... " comments that turn themselves into reality.

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In this white paper you’ll learn who’s using SAS!  Learn about the  design philosophies, strengths and features of SAS products.  Learn  which console model fits your needs – Includes Selection Chart

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SAS are a premium manufacturer of broadcast audio routers, inter studio intercom systems and the new technology Rubicon digital audio on-air broadcast studio consoles.

The construction and build quality of the SAS routers have for many years provided reliable and intuitive services for radio broadcasters throughout the world.

A wide range of stock operating panels and the ability to custom produce operating surfaces for specific applications have entrenched SAS as a sought after supplier in the field of professional audio switching and routing in both the analogue and digital domains.

This experience has flowed through to the design of their new Rubicon series of modular digital broadcast on-air consoles which can be offered as a single studio stand alone package through to a fully integrated multi studio complex.

The modular system of Rubicon makes it ideal on site sporting venue studios where total flexibility is needed for different sports fixtures and spontaneous events




Rubicon, the flagship Radio Broadcast Console Control Surface for major market radio stations and networks. For the board op, Rubicon strikes the ideal balance between ease-of-use and utmost power. Frequently used controls are always right at hand, while the Sierra Automated Systems multi-function control system provides quick access to deeper capabilities.

Rubicon is a completely modular surface, available in frames from eight to 40 modules wide. Modules include Input, Control Room Monitor, Studio Monitor, Console Control, Intercom, Remote Control, Delay Control. 10 buttons on the top of each input module that are programmable as hot-source select, bus assigns, or remote control triggers  provide extreme flexibility for the most demanding shows. IFB/talkback on each input modules talks back to the source currently selected. Mix-minus to an unlimited number of devices is fully automatic; no need to dedicate separate output buses for mix-minus


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