NetworkSound designs and manufactures products for synchronized delivery of high quality digital audio, video and control
data over a standard Cat-5 cable for the professional audio and video market.  NetworkSound can also design products that
co-exist on a standard home network (both wired and wireless) for consumer audio and video distribution.  With applications
including digital snakes, musical instruments, and home multi-zone audio/video distribution, our technology offers flexible
solutions for high bandwidth delivery of media in real time.  We have a combination of OEM and direct manufacturing business
model, offering system solutions and/or ASIC/FPGA Intellectual Property to customers for their own design.



NetworkSound digital snakes use our MediaNet protocol to deliver high quality audio over a standard CAT-5/6 cable.  
MediaNet features include  synchronus uncompressed audio delivery, built in CAT-5/6 cable redundancy, latency less than 200
microsecond (I2S to I2S) over 100 meter CAT-5/6 cable. Our digital Snakes offer added flexibility by supporting multiple
configurations, including point to point, split and daisy chain.  The snakes are plug and play so setup is quick and easy, making
them ideal for installations where assembly and disassembly are frequent.


Mamba: Quality for less
Our Mamba product line boasts the lowest priced digital snakes on the market, but because the foundation of all Mamba products is the same MediaNet technology used in NetworkSound's high-end broadcast solutions, the quality and reliability are of the highest standard.


Custom Design
In addition to the Mamba line of digital snakes, NetworkSound provides custom digital snake solutions tailored to our customer's specification.


NetworkSound Digital Snake Features
* Uses standard CAT-5, distance up to 100m or 300ft
* Up to 64 X 64 channels @48K over a single 100 Mbps CAT-5/6
* Up to 512 X 512 channels @48K over a single 1 GbE CAT-5/6
* Less than 200 microseconds delay (I2S-I2S)
* High-quality 24 bit uncompressed audio
* Built in cable redundancy
* 48 kHz, 96 kHz and 192 kHz sample rate support
* Connect your own Micpre-amp
* In-band control support via RS232 (up to 10 Mbps)
* Multiple clocks supported
* Fiber support via external media converter (NS specified)
* 1.5 miles on multi-mode and over 20 km on single mode
* Neutrik Ethercon for lock and load CAT-5/6 connector


Configuration Examples

Point to Point:
The digital snakes are directly connected to each other using a CAT-5 or Fiber. Stage to FOH or stage to Mixer are very common applications for this configuration.

Broadcast / Split snake:
Head end (digital snake at the stage) is connected to multiple receiver end digital snakes such as FOH, Mixing console, mixer at truck, etc. Audio input from stage is broadcasted simultaneously to all receiver digital snake boxes. The return from individual receiver can be

Daisy chain:
Head end digital snake is connect to FOH and FOH is connected to mixing truck. Input channels from stage can be delivered to FOH and mixing truck or mix of stage and FOH delivered to mixing truck. The returns can be a mix from FOH and mixing truck.

Cable redundancy
A piece of mind feature supported in NetworkSound digital snakes. Cable redundancy is supported between 2 CAT-5 cables or one CAT-5 and Fiber. The failure of a cable is detected and audio is restored on the secondary cable less than 60 micro second.


Your own Mic-pre and NS Digital Snake Scenario

  • Bring Your Own Mic-pre (BYOM)

  • Balanced IN and OUT from snake

  • Use pig-tail DB25 cable for no cable mess

  • ADAT and other digital I/F available