VAC Video Line Driver


1X1 Balanced Video Line Driver, Unity Gain

This product is designed to work as 20-550-001/20-550-002 (driver/receiver) to protect against ground loops and RF interference for long cable runs.
  • The driver converts a standard unbalnced baseband video signal to a balanced video signal that is transmitted over two coax cables.
  • The receiver converts a balanced video signal from two coax cables into unbalanced baseband video.
  • The 12VAC wall transformer provides isolated power to the Brick to control ground loops.



Group ProSeries
# Channels 1
Inputs/Channel 1
Outputs/Channel 2
Input 1 Signal Type Composite Video
Input 1 Coupling DC
Input Configuration 1 Standard 75 Ohms
Gain Configuration Unity
Input 1 Connector BNC
Output 1 Signal Format Composite Video
Output 1 Coupling DC
Output 1 Connectors BNC
Power Connector 2 Pin 2.5mm TB
Input Voltage 1 10-28 VAC
Input Voltage 2 10-32 VDC
Height .65
Width 4.4
Depth 2.2
Low Operating Temp (C) -40
High Operating Temp (C) 80
Power Bypass NO
Mounting Two 6-32 Inserts