Browns Innovations is shaping the future of sound through its technology and design of award winning products such as with their Localizer sound dome, Sound Everywhere speaker system and the Smart Volume auto gain system.

Their products are handmade in the USA to the strictest quality control standards using the finest materials. It is this quality combined with exceptional performance that has made Browns Innovations the industry standard for sound containment, dispersion and management used in applications worldwide from Music stores and Museums to Restaurants and Theme parks.




Directional speakers for environments with fluctuating ambient noise. Remotely networkable for digital signage. 




Directional speakers for applications requiring tight focused sound. Directional audio for an individual or small group.




Complete range of directional speakers, focusing sound and directing audio to a tight zone. Shallow depth for flush mountable configurations.





Focus directional sound to a single listener or direct sound to a broader zone.


Directional Audio For 1-2 People

MF-24 Focusing Maestro                                                MF-24-F Focusing Maestro

All-in-one focused speaker for 1 or 2 listeners.        Flush mountable focused speaker for 1 or 2 listeners

CT-24-24                                                              MF-40-F Focusing Maestro

Overhead ceiling tile focused speaker        Flush mountable focused speaker for 3 or 4 listeners.



Directional Audio For Broad Zone Coverage


MW-13 Wide Dispersion Maestro

All-in-one mini model for broadest coverage.


MW-24 Wide Dispersion Maestro

All-in-one model for broadest coverage.







Directional speakers with the tightest focus.

Single Localizer Sound Dome                                 Double Localizer Sound Dome
For one listener                                                                 For two listeners.



Wide Dispersion Localizer Sound Dome                       Solo Mini Localizer Sound Dome
           For a small group of listeners.                                  For applications with limited space.



Quadeo Localizer Sound Dome                             5.1 Localizer Sound Dome
      For listeners around a table.                                 For true 3D surround sound.




Compact customizable directional speakers depending on your needs.

SB-12 SonicBeam                                                        SB-24 SonicBeam
Compact speaker for applications with limited space.             Focused speaker for 1 or 2 listeners.

SB-30 SonicBeam                                                            SB-40 SonicBeam    
Focused speaker for individual listener.             Three models available for customization.



SB-47 SonicBeam
Focused speaker with wide beam of sound.